Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.
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Preston's Tip of the Day Display

Can I submit a jewelry pattern to you?
30 Aug 2014


We would love to accept ANY WIRE JEWELRY PATTERN or any pattern related to wire jewelry. It does not have to be a #10 on the skill scale but it has to have a good presentation and look good on paper.

We can't do it for you but Ali our chief pattern maker can help you and even give you a cool template for your pattern free!

We will sell it for you but paper products are not the best sellers these days. But you might have other patterns to sell or other items and the free pattern with your hot link on it could produce good traffic to your site for a long time.

Advertising, ad words it's all expensive but one simple pattern made by you and plastered on any big site would generate good traffic at 0 cost. It all adds up.

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Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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I want to start making and selling wire jewelry but i dont like the selling part. Will this work?
29 Aug 2014

It's possible but not likely!

A small business or a jewelry business from the outside looks easy. And TV and Movies make it look easy and glamorous. But in reality it is neither. It is very tuff, difficult and many times heart breaking to make it go!

That's the answer no one wants to hear but it's the truth.

And it makes no difference if it's jewelry or a hair salon you have to SELL THE DEAL! That means YOU, YOUR PRODUCT, YOUR IMAGE, YOUR PERSONALITY, ETC ETC.

People may be buying a piece of jewelry from you but they are also buying a piece of you like it or not. And the more you can sell that widget the better life will be. But in any small business you are going to be bombarded with days that you must sell or negotiate yourself out of trouble and into the area of profit.

Most people and im saying about 75% wnt the money or the fame but don't like getting there hands dirty. And when you get into a sales situation believe me it is a battle. And the one who wins the deal are usually the ones that survives.

In a perfect world we learn to excel in our craft and someone else does all the dirty work. But today in 2014 if YOU PERSONALLY don't take part in all the dirty work IT AINT GOING TO HAPPEN!

But not knowing how to sell should not stop you. But not wanting to learn how to sell is --- Well just save your money cause self employment may not be for you!

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Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

On tip of the day today you said the best selling size on pendants is 18x13 mm. I've been a member for years and never knew this. I thought it was 30 x 40. I would love more info and would love to see pictures and an idea of prices on finished pendants. Thank you for a wonderful site.
28 Aug 2014

Ellie Let me go over this again

For rings 18x13 cabs sell best like this:

For cab Pendants I would say 18x25mm like this

And yes 40mm x 30mm cabs do sell well to but only if your market can afford them. It is hard to know whats going to sell in your area this is only a general rule. Here is a good seller 40x30mm

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Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

i was wondering,,when you work on a new project do you sketch it out or does it just flow from brain to fingers WHILE your working on it,,and if you do,,how do you decide how MUCH wire to start the project with in the first place,,,
27 Aug 2014

Every artist that I have known thru the years has a different method of working and designing jewelry. Some are great, some strange and others down right bizarre. Here goes!

A - COLLEGE EDUCATION IN JEWELRY DESIGN - normally they find a design they want to make or think of one they may have been tossing around or maybe it is an order from a customer. They measure everything out. All there metals wires etc. Then they figure out cost of materials and move forward. Al;l the while they may be thinking of a retail price for there work. But normally give it the price when it is all finished and yes the outcome will naturally determine price.

This is the way a healthy mature mind would work right? And it is the best way to do things.

B. - Some wire artists will find a tutorial, video etc and if they like it they go for it and start measuring wire, sheet or whatever it takes to make the design. They may use just that design or they may add a few perks that just came from there imagination. No matter they come out with a pretty good design and then they think about a retail price which is normally a price that is not on the mark or way too low most of the time. But still a pretty good way of doing things.

C - My personal way is to see something, anything and get some kind of idea that strikes me and im encouraged to make it. Or maybe bracelets are selling so I get excited about that and I want to make a whole new line of bracelets.

I have no idea of cost of wire, length, measurements or anything. All i know is I have an incredible urge to make it! I start to work on it before the feeling wares off and I come up with something that is ok but not exactly what I want. So into the night I go to do another, and another and late that night or early the next morning i have what i want usually.

But i don't know what it cost in material but I know i have a lot of scrap gold and silver around so I hurry up and stick it in a secret drawer in one of my old wooden boxes so my wife don't see all the scrap!

I keep making and selling them and listening to my customers or others that may have a comment or two. And many times I get good ideas from people and find out there right and I incorporate these new ideas into the design. As time goes on I try to use less and less precious metal and make the design look better.

This long drawn out process goes on continually and the first design never looks like the last design! If you go to the JEWELRY MAKING IDEAS PHOTO GALLERY YOU CAN SEE THE FIRST BEAD RING I EVER MADE! My wife kept all my old first time jewelry so here it is in all it's glory! A green ship from a necklace turned into a stainless steel ring. Go here and drum roll please!!!

Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

Excellent response to today's question Preston. I am aware that almost any mineral can be a sensitivity to someone, so a few years ago, I changed over to using, almost exclusively, Surgical Steel ear wires for all my work, unless a different metal was requested by my customers. Have you run across any/many problems with using surgical steel? I'm sure there must be those out there that are allergic to that metal as well. Thanks for all your tips. I begin each day reading your tips, and a cup of coffee ... of course!
26 Aug 2014

Thanks Linda, I forgot to mention that a few days ago because yes there very cheap and very safe -- hypo allergenic (by the way this phrase means NOTHING it is a term that marketing people thought up it has nothing to do with the actual science of metal)

The surgical steel they use for ear wires are the same used in the human body for implants. EXAMPLE

Years ago I broke my ankle skating! yes remember those days? And I had the bones pinned together with surgical steel.

So yes its a good metal for most anything. Not easy to work with but they sure work well by eliminating nickel dermatitis in the ear. Read more about this and please look at the PHOTOS HERE:

Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

Man you sure know how to scare the crap outta somebody,,i ALWAYS use silver nickle wire because i can afford it,,,in fact i just got 150 feet of it just this month,,mostly cause i forgot and ordered twice but still everything i make is nickle,,so my question becomes,,i dont make earrings much i do rings and pendants,,,is that better for an allergy person or just as bad? scared to make anything with it now,,,holy cow,,,
25 Aug 2014

Right now in the US it is legal to work with, use, and manufacture nickle parts etc. And yes a lot of people are using nickel for a low cost alternative to silver. There are huge companies that cater to the American Indian trade and selling a whole lot of nickle wire etc.

It is a personal choice on what you use and how you use it if it is legal in the US, which it is. Im not trying to scare anyone but I do think I need to inform people of it's qualities. If you are going to make something or sell something i think you need to be informed about it.

If you make nickel pendants etc I don't think it would be a big deal. People should know what they are allergic to and make there own choice. BUT.... I would definitely not use it for ear wires at all!! Or anywhere there is open skin, sore, rash. And no im not trying to scare you but inform you.

There are about 40 different lawn pesticides and there all legal and millions of people still use them. I guess it's there choice what they use. As a matter of fact a University just did some research on heavy metals in the body and out of 1700 people I think over 500 had a minimum of 9 different pesticides in there body!!!

More and more US companies are moving to nickel free and lead free and I would move in that direction.

Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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