Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.
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Home | Prestons Tip of the Day Display

Preston's Tip of the Day Display

TIP by Janice Mc Clintock

LED lights have come a long ways in the last 3 years. I have both a store and I do shows. I have converted everything to LED and my energy bill has been substantially reduced. Some shows in my area (CA and NV) now require energy efficient lighting. When choosing LED lights, make sure you are choosing daylight spectrum or cool lights. The warm lights give a yellow cast to the stones.
03 Nov 2014

Great Tip Janice thank you!




Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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How much do I charge for a wire wrapped semiprecious stone
27 Oct 2014

I think that is a loaded question!

Because there are wrapped pendants and then there are really wrapped pendants. Let's look at a few:

#1. Good Pendant that Walter Brown wrapped:

This pendant is well done, in silver and a highly treasured lapis stone. With these 3 things it would sell for a good price. Or the best price you can get in the arena that you work. So it becomes:


With all these things going for it I think i could sell it in my arena from $75 to $99 but im not sure about your arena because im not familiar with it. So this is just a sample.

#2. If the stone is the same but the wrap is not so good you might take off 40% o retail price.

#3. If the wrap is bad it won't sell at all.


In closing keep your work looking good and improving all the time. It does not take long to do this so don't give up. And precious metal wire, if you can afford it, will bring in a higher price then brass wire normally.

And the stone is so very important but that's easy to fix with a good lapidarian. It is easy to get an incredible stone at a cheap price if you just look around. Check out our friend R Willy the lapidary in the bootcamp, he is incredible.

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Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

What kind of lighting to use for indoors for shows? Do you use a Ultra Violet Full Spectrum LED light, or what is the best to use to make copper, silver, and gold stand out and shine
26 Oct 2014

NOTICE -- My wire jewelry tips will now come out once a week instead of once a day. Look for my Wire Jewelry tip every Monday morning. Thank you.

I normally use two 300 watt halogen lights one on each back corner. But there very hot and you can can burnt if you touch them. Right now you can buy big strong fluorescent for peanuts but get the big ones. They burn bright and cool. Get two big ones on each side. If that don'd work well go back to the florescent.

Many crafters and photographers are going to LED lights. There cheap and very very bright. I have never used them for my booth. The dollar store has these leds very cheap. Anyone out there have a comment on using leds? ______________________________________________




Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

This is a hint for the lady worried about security. It is only for small things, but your money and expensive pieces can be taken care of this way. take a small cooler and your tote bag to shows, and keep the cooler in an out of the way place that is available to you, I put mine under my work table that has a skirt that goes to the floor. When you are packing up and no one is looking put your money bag, your wallet and phone in the cooler (no ice please) and any expensive pieces that will go in the cooler too. I'm a 78 year old lady and carry the cooler and my tote bag with not much in it and nothing important. No one is going to grab the old lady's lunch, but they will grab a tote bag. This way I'm not afraid to go to my car, if they grab what they think is my money in the tote bag they aren't going to get much and the goodies are safe in the cooler where the left over lunch should be. Now I've given up my secret for getting out of a show safely, hope the thieves don't read this.
24 Oct 2014


Thanks Carol thats a grea tip!

They say that white hair should be worn like a crown! and you don't just get them you gotta earn each and every one of them!




Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

What kind of lighting would you recomend for a 10 x 10 booth for an outdoor event that will into the evening?
21 Oct 2014

In a nutshell

! 500 watt halogen on each back end of your booth shooting toward the front.

If it was an all daylight show I would use 300 watt halogen.

Note: Make sure your halogen has covers they get very hot. Make sure they are well secured they can easily hurt someone if they happen to fall.

If you have a small back area of what we call the "office" you might have a small light back there.




Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

What steps can I take when exhibiting and selling and afterwards, to stay secure? I will be by myself for the most part.
16 Oct 2014

Clara, Im glad you asked this question because the holiday season is coming and with that comes the thieves. Protecting yourself today is more difficult then it ever was but with just a little know how you can be much safer.

#1. First of all realize that just because you sell copper jewelry or brass jewelry that no one will rob you think again! The normal thief if not very bright and does not know what your jewelry is or what it is valued at. So always play it safe just like you sell diamonds.

#2. A woman alone is a target! I really hate to say this but somebody has to. Thieves for the most part are cowards and want to pick the weakest target and a woman alone is always easy prey unless they are armed and know how to use there weapon.

#3. Anyone in the jewelry business I strongly suggest they get protection and classes on how to use there weapon. Better safe then sorry.

#4. Thieves hit while:

*you are setting up *While you are breaking down *Or after the show when you are going home

#5. When you leave a show or your home always, always look around at cars or vans that look out of place. And watch closely behind you to see if anyone is following you

#6. When I was on the road I think the reason i was never robbed is because i worked with gold filled. Few places and no pawn shops will cash in on gold filled so no thief wan't something they can't melt down. And I know many others that did get hit and lost it all.

#7. If a thief is going to rob you they are going to follow you so stay with your jewelry at all times. Don't leave it in a hotel without you in it.

#8. EXAMPLES....I know a fellow wire artits who had enough jewelry to fill up a 10x20 booth and he was at a school show. The promoter said it was safe they locked up each night. They came in thru the top windows the ones near the top of the seats and they stole everthing he had. He had to borrow $5000 from a friend and it took him months and months to restock.

The very same guy did a big show two years later in Las Vegas. He had all his jewelry with him in his room. He went to get a cup of coffee downstairs and when he came back to his room all of his jewelry was gone again!!!

They may have been following him for 2 or 3 days waiting for the right moment to strike.

#9. Normally the smaller the show the less chance of getting robbed.

#10. Park in a lighted area, do not park in a secluded lot. Don't be afraid to ask someone to walk with you normally they are glad to help you.

#11. Normally someone that intends to rob you becomes your customer and makes a purchase from you along with some small talk to find out where you are staying. Never, Never tell anyone what hotel you are staying at. Don't do it.

This is not meant to frighten anyone away from there trade but these are tough times and it will tempt people that are down and out. Be vigilant and keep your eyes open all the time.




Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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