Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry tools,Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry  tools,
   Learn to make wire jewelry
"How to make wire jewelry the easy way"
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Faceted Gemstones

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MERMAID BRIDAL TIARA This reminds me of something a mermaid might wear or a bride on her big day when she walks down the aisle to met her future husband. This is a definite show stopper. . . . keep reading »
Wire Weave Heart Pendant
Wire Weave Heart Pendant This is definitely a pattern you will want to keep around and make on special occasions or just to say I love you to someone. This is definitely an elegant design. . . . keep reading »
Many Prongs for Faceted Gemstones Pendant
Many Prongs for Faceted Gemstones Pendant Kathy Statton uses a 5 prong method to hold in a larger oval or round faceted gemstone pendant. This is an advanced project and is a great way to show off those faceted gemstones. . . . keep reading »
Kyanite Gemstones
Kyanite gemstones are great to use in wire wrapped jewelry. . . . keep reading »
Sunstone Faceted Gemstones
Faceted Sunstone Gems is often a mix of orange and red with copper or hermatite glitter inside. This gemstone would make beautiful wire wrapped jewelry. . . . keep reading »
Alexandrite Faceted Gemstones
Alexandrite is a popular purple stone. It is used for the month of June's birthstone in some charts, replacing the traditional pearl. Use this beautly in your wire wrapped jewelry. . . . keep reading »
Tourmaline Faceted Gemstones
Tourmaline was originally called "SCHROL". The word Tourmaline originated in Sri Lanka and means unknown gemstones of mixed colors. This gem is truly a gem from the rainbow. It has almost every color available. Use this beauty of a gem and make wire wrapped jewelry. . . . keep reading »
Ruby Faceted Gemstones
The Ruby is rare and highly valued and favored by royalty. Use these gemstones for making Wire Wrapped Jewelry. . . . keep reading »
Peridot Faceted Gemstones
Peridot is also referred to as Olivine and only comes in the color green. It is used in making Wire Wrapped Jewelry. . . . keep reading »
Iolite Faceted Gemstones
Iolite's color can change from mid range blues to violets. Iolite can be used to make wire wrapped Jewerly. . . . keep reading »
Aquamarine Faceted Gemstones
The word Aquamarine originates from the Italian word for seawater. It is in the same family as Emeralds. It is said that this stone brings happiness, hope and everlasting youth. . . . keep reading »
White Sapphire Gemstones
White Sapphire Gemstones for making Wire Wrapped Jewelry . . . keep reading »
Blue Sapphire Gemstones
Blue Sapphire faceted stones for making Wire Wrapped Birthstone Jewelry. . . . keep reading »
Diamonds for making any kind of diamond jewelry . . . keep reading »

Wire Wrapped Ring
Make a wire wrapped ring with a small gemstone
Wire Name Writing
How to make wire name jewelry and name necklaces
Necklace Pendant
Make a wire wrapped pendant
Jewelry Tumbler
How to use a gemstone tumbler for cleaning jewelry
Jewelers pliers
Jewelry Making Tool for wire wrapped rings
Birth Stones Display
Wire Wrapped Jewelry Display
Make A Wire Ring
Tips on making wire wrapped rings with stones

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Bracelet Making
Bracelet Patterns
Make A Bead Ring
Make a wire wrapped ring with a bead
Pendant Jewelry
how to make a wire wrapped pendant
Handmade Earrings
How to make Wire Wrapped Earrings
Memory Wire Bracelets
Make a memory wire bracelet with glass beads
Beaded Earrings
Wire Wrapped Bead Earring