Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.
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Wire Jewelry Tip a Week -- Ask Preston



Our Tips have been running for almost 20 years, great information 
for anyone in the Wire jewelry trade. Plus we offer tools , DVDs  and close outs here and in our e bay store.


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Most Recent Wire Jewelry Making Tips

I have been practising with 20 guage hardware wire that performs like half hard sterling silver. Took me a while to find it, but now I'm wondering if it's a good idea. I'm told that using good wire to learn with helps you improve faster. Since I want to make bangles, I thought it would work out ok. What do you think?
29 Jun 2015

Over 20 years ago there was a wire artist named Peter Henry and he worked the professional gem and jewelry shows all over the country. This is where i met him at one of the shows and I looked at his work one time and instantly I knew that's what I wanted to do!

Peter was an incredible artists and a sly fox of a man. He drove an old broken down station wagon as not to get robbed and he didn't. When someone asked him where he got his wire he told them Paris France. He did all this to try to protect HIS art and his business. He thought maybe if this lady learns to do this then im out of business etc etc. He would take students in and show them how he did his work then send them out to some shows and he charged them a fee and sometimes SOLD the show to them! He was quite a character and a pioneer in the wire art trade.

But the #1 thing he did to protect his business was that as a sculptor he only used dead soft wire, when no one in the US was using soft wire to make jewelry. Today we take dead soft wire for granted like it has always been around but that is not the case. Just about all the supply houses offered half hard wire but Peter got his made up from the Mill (stern and leach) in about 50 ounce coils and never used hard wire.

So most people that would try to do wire sculpture failed because they did not know about soft wire and after a few times using it they pretty much gave up. So Peter's little secret held up for a long long time.

You can make the same jewelry design with 25 different wires and you will get 25 different looks. In other words the temper of the wire will determine how the over all sculpture will look. It's impossible to make a design from soft wire and use another hard wire to try to make it look identical. I won't work.

So the answer is YES a good wire or a wire you can identify and re buy again is best to use no matter if it's gold, silver, copper etc. Makes no difference but you want to make sure you can get the same wire again to get the same results. The problem with hardware store wire is you can only get round normally and mostly larger gauges in base metal.

With so many wires offered in different colors and tempers today, from copper to gold filled, you can achieve just about any look you want no matter if the wire is hard or soft.

Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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I am interested in opening a Jewelry business. Would like information on how to price all my pieces. Thank You.
22 Jun 2015

You never mentioned if you will have a brick and mortar business or online? It's very important for the future of your business. There is basically 3 kinds of jewelry businesses. Here they are:

#1. Brick and mortar jewelry business

#2. Online jewelry business

#3. Traveling jewelry sales business from show to show

And, frankly, it does not make much difference whether you are selling wire jewelry or any kind of jewelry, these are the 3 formats you will be working from. So pricing is very different from one format to the other. It's like popcorn. If you buy it at the Movie House, it's $7 for a large cup or box. If you buy the same popcorn at the dollar store or some grocery story, it is considerably cheaper.


Years ago I made a video about making and selling a simple birthstone ring which I sold for $10 and you could sell them all day and all night for $10. Or that's what I thought. Then a student emailed me who lived in Santa Barbara, California, and said she sold the same ring for $35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the type and location of any store will determine prices. Let's look at all 3 businesses and see where they are going:

#1. Brick and Mortar Jewelry Businesses are going out of business all over America. This is the kind of business that used to have their own jeweler, fix watches, and do just about anything for their local customers. But these shops for the most part are going by the way of rare antiques. In other words there are very few left and I would not go into one of these businesses unless the business was in a very big and successful mall. And expect to pay a lot of rent, supplies, etc It is now a very big business with big expenses._________________No matter what the prices here would be at the very top level of pricing.

#2. Online Jewelry Business - This can be a very good choice if you are HIGHLY SKILLED IN THE WAY OF ONLINE MARKETING. And, if it is a business for profit, it's a lot easier to buy jewelry already made rather than make it. The focus here is online MARKETING. Let me give you an example. BLUE NILE jewelry company makes as much at their one online store as 167 brick and mortar stores!!! It's 167 to 1. So, yes, there is huge potential but if you do not know how to market online or do not have someone like that on your staff, forget it.___________Pricing at this store will be according to what it is you sell. And you will be competing with China, India, and a few other companies with your jewelry. Prices cab go up or down depending on the look of your store, your reputation and your product. It's a dice throw at the moment.

#3. On the road Jewelry Show -- This can be a tough schedule and you must travel all the time but right now you can go where the crowd is. You don't have to beg them to come to your site. For my money this is and would be my choice. You will have to produce something unique but all you need is ONE GOOD PRODUCT. You don't need 500 pieces of jewelry -- just one that sells. ____________ This business model is sure to be a winner but how much of a winner is depending on you.


*14kt gold jewelry is almost forgotten *In the last 10 years 4 of my friends who sold gold on the road have been murdered *Silver is the hot commodity but very very competitive *Other metals are selling ok but with much smaller margins of profit *Road shows attendance is at an all time low and booth fees are high

I don't think I'm qualified to say anything about pricing at a brick and mortar store because it is changing so fast and it's just not my market. I would strongly recommend you get started with a little bit of each right from your home in a small way and then let the business grow. You are sure to win! Most people don't want to do that and that's why they go out of business.

Right now think small, keep your prices low, keep your expenses lower and do a lot of research among business owners to see what's what. And I can help you if you want wire jewelry prices. Try our Pricing Genie. It is not perfect but you can get a close price. This is a member service at this time. And, if you join the bootcamp, you can get consulting for only $9.95 !!!!




Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

Im a wire name writer and im having trouble making my names and letter small any idea on how to improve this?
15 Jun 2015

Yes I have!

The shape and size of your names are basically determined by the size and thickness of your tool. Makes sense? If you have a big thick flat nose pliers and you are making an m or u or o, these shapes can be fat or thin. Yes the way you build them is a factor, but the tool you use can be more of a factor.

You need a strong, thin flat nose to make a good letter. If the letter is too big the name will be too big. What tool is thinnest for this job can be a matter of choice. But I like the Lindstrom white handled flat nose pliers. They are not cheap, but they are one of the best on the market and I'm sure there are others out there but this is the set I use.

I have used many different kinds of round nose and flat nose pliers but I seem to get the best letters from the white lindstrom flat nose and the round nose pliers. They are thin, accurate and strong.

You can take a look at this video where I make the n. I'm using another pair of pliers and this is ok, but you will get better results from the tools mentioned above.

Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

What sells better on or off line a necklace or pendant?
08 Jun 2015

This is interesting because down south we call them pendants and up north they call them necklaces. But the majority of people looking for either item look for necklaces. And the word necklace will out sell the word pendant quite a bit both on line and off. Here are some interesting statistics taken right from Googles monthly searches:

PENDANTS - 6,230 searches per month







So no matter how you shake it on line or off the item necklace and the word necklace have it!

Preston Reuther P.S. check out a new supplier with neck rings for only .50 cents! I met them at a gem show and just added them to the top 50 wholesalers report. They also have pewter beads about $15 for a giant bag, huge! Go to our TOP 50 WHOLESALERS REPORT last one on the page.

Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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