Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.
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Wire Jewelry Tip a Week -- Ask Preston



Our Tips have been running for almost 20 years so this is great information 
for anyone in the Wire jewelry trade

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Most Recent Wire Jewelry Making Tips

how to shine up tarnished jewelry without polisher substances or tools?
27 Apr 2015

You can polish up tarnished jewelry, especially copper, depending on how bad it's tarnished. Your choice of cleaning up is;

1. Tumbling with shot and dish washing detergent

2. Tarnex liquid cleaner

3. If it's copper you can use very fine copper, works well.

After the clean up try some copper coating called PROTECTA - CLEAR from Everbrite company. I have used it several times and it is truly incredible for anything copper. go here:

Preston Reuther

P.S. This stuff is very powerful so do not spray your jewelry inside the house do it outside and wear a mask if you can.


Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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Is there a way to keep my pliers from scratching my wire?
20 Apr 2015

If you are scratching your wire chances are you are pressing too hard on the wire with your tools. To reduce your pliers from scratching your wire file all the edges down on your tools. I have a diagram of how to do it here:

Preston Reuther P.S A few things left around the old warehouse but not much.

Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

Do I have a chance selling my jewelry is it is made well?
13 Apr 2015

Well yes and no!

The on line world of jewelry sales has changed and is chaning all the time. Today as we speak the spoils of jewelry sales will be obtained by the jeweler with the best technician or the best marketing skills. I can remember back in 2005 when we were selling things on line so fast we could not keep up!

But then there was very little competition. All you had to do is get a good website with a good shopping cart and learn to use google ad words and you could create a jewelry empire! But today search engines control the world of jewelry and you have a very slim chance of getting in prime positions on line. In the old days I could have a good key word like AMETHYSTS PENDANTS and would have 3 or 4 listings right at the top of the catagory!

You can still do it but you need to be very computer savay because you are actually competeing with companies like:


And I could go on and on but the competition is gigantic so if you get a good position in the top three pages you are lucky. BUT! Fear not this is the time when you just have to go out and get your customers at small shows, home parties, private showings and festivals etc. Personal contact is always best and the best way to guarantee true customer traffic into your website.

But on the other hand website are cheap! Anyone and everyone can build and maintain a word press site for just about nothing. And it will be a very cool looking job. But years ago that was not the case. I have spent enough money on webmasters, tech help and faulty software to buy a new house! So yes on one hand it's a tough go but on the other the tech help and the website can easily be obtained.

Once you get your website going you may not be able to pay for on line traffic but people are having good results with Facebook free traffic and other social websites. So it's changing beyond recognition but for the people that can make the jewelry and do the cool tech stuff those are the people that will sell the most jewelry. Or at least the most jewelry on line. The pie is sliced pretty thin among jewelry makers and there all fighting for the same crowd.

But it's not all bad news! The jewelry business is still very strong and it will remain that way long as there is bread on the table the desire for jewelry will be there. Now what sells and what don't is anybody's guess. I think im blessed in that it seems most of my designs are timeless and they sell sell well. Maybe im just a bit lucky because there still going after all these years and I see many others that have been around a long time and there doing well.

With the economic down turn people have gotten very creative the way they sell there jewelry and having good results on and off line. I strongly feel that if the designs are good and people love your work you are going to sell no matter what. And no it may not be easy to get to that point and many people give up before they do so the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is still there it's just a little further away then it was in years past.

Im an old man and I still love to make jewelry and I stop thinking about sales so much I guess. I just keep making it and things keep selling. So if you really love what your doing somewhere and somehow your going to get there, but the journey is priceless.

Preston Reuther P.S I have had some calls about are we going out of business? No not really just the major supply part. I will focus more energy on the bootcamp, new tool designs and some new jewelry designs. Remember you REALLY CAN DO IT ALL but not for long.

Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

I sell a lot of silver jewelry and it is really hard to keep clean so what makes it get black and is there anything i can do to stop it?
06 Apr 2015

Very good question and one that few people think about when they get ready to go on the road

I was at a big show in Oklahoma and was speaking to a lady who traveled all over selling all kinds of jewelry. And during the conversation she mentioned: "I had so much trouble keeping my silver jewelry clean I finally took it all and put it in a big iron pot and melted it!!!!!!! Yes true story that's how bad it was to keep it all bright and shiny!

What makes silver tarnish? and some things your customers might want to know

Sterling silver contains 92.5% slver and 7.5% cpper. Copper is added to pure silver in order to enhance durability, since pure silver is very soft and can therefore be easily damaged or scratched. The added copper has no ill effects on silver color or luster, it simply makes the life of a jewelry designer a bit easier!

The addition of copper does not, however, lessen silver's tendency to tarnish. Tarnish is a product of oxidation and this oxidation is caused by the interaction of silver with sulfides in the air. Common tarnish-causing agents are"










Tarnishing occurs less on silver jewelry that is worn on a regular basis, as contact with oils on the skin combined with the gentle friction that occurs with everyday wear tends to thwart oxidation. It is those pieces that are stored and worn mainly on special occasions that will likely tarnish and therefore require periodic polishing. (Note: there are some medications that cause changes in acidity levels of the skin that, in turn, may cause silver jewelry to tarnish).

To reduce the likelihood of tarnish in your life, regularly clean all of your silver jewelry with mild dish washing liquid diluted with water. Then be sure to dry the pieces thoroughly with a soft cloth, since moisture will promote the reappearance of tarnish. Store your silver in a dry container or, better yet, in a plastic, zip-lock baggie with a piece of anti-tarnish paper. Exposure to air will promote the reappearance of tarnish. And if you can't afford the anti tarnish paper get a big stick of normal chalk! Yea just like the kind they use in school and keep it in the bag or the box and your tarnish problem will be reduced about 75%

A few more notes in regard to storing your silver jewelry . . despite the addition of copper to increase durability, sterling silver is still a rather soft metal and is therefore susceptible to scratching. This makes storing your silver pieces individually especially important. Also, be sure not to place pieces up against each other in whatever storage device you chose to use for your jewelry.

If you store your sterling silver jewelry in a wood jewelry box or drawer, do not place the jewelry directly on the wood surface, as some woods contain acid, which could damage the finish.

TIP: When you are on the road selling a lot of jewelry you really need a good ionic jewelry cleaner if you can afford it. I like the one by SPEED BRITE it was the best thing that ever happen to use and cut down our silver jewelry cleaning by two days! It's a great machine. I did not like the battery operated one, the small one it was just not powerful enough to use on a commercial basis. The medium and large plug in ones were best and they both had the same size motor.

Here is a demo video on the Speed Brite:

Preston P.S Please don't forget we are adding more stuff to our liquidation so check it out today:

Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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