Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.Free online jewelry videos and wire wrap jewelry patterns by Preston Reuther. Complete with Jewelry Making Supplies, Jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and cabochons.
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Jewelry Tip of the Day -- Ask Preston


Ask us any  question about the jewelry making trade - We have been doing this for over 20 years and are glad to help you. It is not a burden it is what we do for a living!------ If we know the answer you get an e mail  in a timely fashion. If it's a Jewelry Making product or Tool and we dont handle it we can tell you where to get it. 

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Most Recent Jewelry Making Tips

I think im going to buy me a jewelers bench for $700. Do you think that is a good price?
24 Apr 2014

Well I guess its cheap if you have the money and expensive if you don't!

I think I could buy a LOT of supplies for that kind of money.


#1. I worked on my kitchen table for two years, made pretty good money.

#2. My first bench was from good will it was an old oak desk costs $65

#3. The one I have now is 100 years old and it is a wood workers hand made bench I got it from a garage sale for $30 I think. But the old bench feels like a good pair of shoes! It's got love and spirit inside of it and I would never, ever get another one.

#4 Take this choice seriously because the most expensive on is not always the one you feel most comfortable at. Take a look at these, they were just about all made by hand by the home jeweler:

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Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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Do you recommend coating copper wire or keeping it natural
23 Apr 2014

I think this same question was discussed some time back and we had some surprising answers. BUT! Let's face it I am not aware of one metal coating that is not toxic, not one. Yes it takes a long time to create havoc in the body but more and more we are finding out these coatings effect pregnant women and the fetus.

Natural copper is a beautiful metal when polished and if it is good enough for the kings and queens around the world it should be good enough today! You are trying to sell the steak! Sell the sizzle!! Give all the benefits of copper not the pluses of a coating.

Sergio lube makes about $3,000,000 a year selling copper bracelets. Look at his site and see what he is doing right. While you are there look at his prices! If he can get them why can't you?

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Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

what size wire and what tool do you use to shape a ring - a wide band ring
22 Apr 2014

There is so many rings out there im not sure what ones you are speaking of but let's just say it is a wide wire ring.

#1 I use a steel ring mandrel not wood

#2. I use a small rawhide hammer, not large.

And I pound the shank, the sides then turn it around and do it all over till it reaches the perfect size and shape that I want

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Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

I like to sell my cameo jewelry at antique shows but I have a hard time finding them. You got any ideas where i can find them?
21 Apr 2014

Since google changed a lot of there listings and algorithms I have the same trouble. But here are two sources that may help you out:

#1. This site is mostly antique shows all over the US listed state by state. It is well kept up with good info and you can search by state:

#2. The SHOW FINDER is right here on our site and it's free. It covers mostly art and craft shows but it is quite complete:

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Preston Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor

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